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Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia and Botswana) offers an ideal road network and a surprising variety of landscapes, cultures for individual / independent travellers. Included in our assistance to work out the ideal route for your clients is offering you the option to rent a good vehicle for them. 

A good rental car is indispensable for a pleasant and relaxing holiday!

We offer you exceptional value with an all-inclusive rental formula! Safe and secure car hire has never been easier!

Always included are
-Unlimited mileage
-Complete Excess Waiver Insurance (Zero liability)
-24/7 Support
-Legal liability insurance cover of up to € 7.5 million (3 rd. party insurance including legal costs)
-Collision damage waiver insurance(CDW)
-Theft Protection waiver insurance (TP)
-Extra cover for windscreen, tyre, undercarriage and roof
-Airport Delivery Costs

Log in to our vehicle rental portal and directly book the best possible vehicle or ask our team to assist you.

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Unfortunately this type of vehicle is no longer available.....

Privately guided

The costs of this particular method of travel is not low and therefore more suitable for between 4 to 8 people. We do however offer this service for less than 4 pax but prefer not to exceed 10 pax. When 10 or more people travel together is becomes a group with all the implications when booking services like flights etc.

For your clients that do not wish to drive themselves we offer many different guides whom mostly speak at least three languages.  These are registered and experienced private guides with a professional drivers licence and good air-conditioned vehicle. Experienced South African’s who will ensures that your clients are safe and have a pleasant and relaxed tour throughout Southern Africa. Suitable for 4 to 8 pax. (maximum 10)

Included in our driver/guide prices

1) Fuel.

2) Tolls on the way.

3) Transport with driver / guide and luxury minibus with aircon.

4) Accommodation and meals for the driver/guide.

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We offer you exceptional value with an all-inclusive rental formula! Safe and secure car hire has never been easier! Log in below for our vehicle rentals and book the best possible vehicle directly or ask our team to assist you.

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Unlimited mileage.
No limitations on the amount or driving you wish to do.

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Total insurance cover & no extra insurance costs locally!! 
Complete Excess Waiver Insurance* is always included in our price. Where insurance on CDW and TP does not offer you full cover Sunny Cars extra Excess Waiver Insurance (included in the price) covers this extra risk. Any accidental damage to the car will then be refunded by the Complete Excess Waiver Insurance of Sunny Cars! 

*How it works: Let’s say you hire a car and the vehicle comes with standard car hire insurance included (referred to as the collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver). As is the case with most personal motor insurance policies, it’s likely that you’ll still be liable to pay an excess before the rental company cover the rest of the cost. This means that you could be liable to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of euro’s if anything happens to the hire car, regardless of whether it was your fault or not, should this insurance not be in place. With the Complete Excess Waiver Insurance the risk to you is zero.

There are exceptions of course. For example malicious damage or driving whilst intoxicated are obviously not covered by any insurance.

24/7 Support.
Sunny Cars Service desk is available 24/7. Our special emergency number +31 23 5 699 690 is available day and night. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or other mishap the service desk will be able to assist you quick and efficiently.

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Legal liability insurance cover of up to € 7.5 million.
The liability insurance covers damages caused to third parties, both materially and physically. In most European countries, the liability coverage is sufficient. But in a number of popular holiday destinations such as the USA, Canada, Curacao, Greece and South Africa is the maximum coverage far below the minimum European standard of € 5 million.

Being involved in any accident may cause you to be faced with protracted litigation and huge financial risk. Damage in an accident to third parties can increase the cost significantly. Our liability insurance cover of up to € 7.5 million ensures a care free holiday or trip.

Collision damage waiver (CDW).
This insurance covers accidental damage caused to the rental vehicle. Any excess damage is taken care of by our Complete Excess Waiver Insurance (see above)

Theft Protection waiver (TP).
This insurance covers damage or loss of the rental vehicle by theft.

Complete damage cover.
Our all-inclusive is truly all-inclusive. Also damage to windscreen/glass, tyres, wheels, roof and undercarriage are always included. Refuse all locally offered extra insurances! Even all small damages like a crack in the windscreen, flat tyre or scratch to the paint are covered.

No Airport Delivery Costs.
No extra charges or costs locally when collect your car from the airport upon arrival.

Local Terms & Conditions.
We are very selective in choosing our partners and give preference to ANVR, SGR, RGF, SATSA, IATA registered partners. World-wide these terms and conditions may vary slightly. Please ensure that over and above the terms and conditions as mentioned above you are properly informed about possible rules, regulations and conditions locally applicable.  

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In our secure system it is easy to find information about types of vehicle available and from which airport or town you can rent these vehicles. All you need to do is fill in your particular details and our system will offer you an extensive overview of available vehicles and all-inclusive price. If you are satisfied all you need to do is pay via with your credit card via our secure booking module and your rental agreement will be sent directly to your e-mail address.

Please note: To be able to rent a vehicle the main driver must always be in possession of a credit card. 

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