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Sponsor Project – Mdzangwini Project

The Mdzangwini Project has been launched under the supervision of Unicef, which has established NCP (Neighborhood Care Point). It is located 6 km outside of Mbabane's capital, in beautiful surroundings with large rock formations.

The purpose of the NCP: To sensitize neighborhood residents to volunteer in the project.

- Capture the vulnerable and orphans from around the area
- Cooking for the children
- giving lessons
- Maintain the project

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More about Greet Paeps and how she decided to help this project

From the first moment I got to know the project, I lost my heart!

My commitment to get started (with the financial support from Belgium and the Netherlands)

- Milliemeel (the basic food in Swaziland) beans, oil and salt purchases
- Water brought to the project via a higher source.
- Our teacher Thabsile paid her education for kindergarten.
- Purchase of school facilities and school benches

What has happened afterwards?

- Providing the necessary materials for the construction, maintenance and expansion of kindergarten (meanwhile 2 classes + equipment, 2 toddlers with general education)
- Search of meters and peters who want to sponsor the children for a secondary school cycle after school closure.
- Meanwhile, 72 children, going to Fonteyn, have a meter or peter who pay their school uniform, backpack and school trip.
- Sponsorship of the current Fonteyn school with the expansion of additional classrooms and water pipes for water supply in the vegetable garden of the school.

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What's the future of the Mdzangwini Project?

Most children have to go long distances to go to school.

- After long negotiations with the community and various governments and on special request from the Chief, we started the construction of a new primary school in Hlobani, in collaboration with Micro-Projects.

Meanwhile, many hotel guests and friends from Belgium and the Netherlands have visited the project together with me. For many, it was their first confrontation with poverty, but also a happy introduction to all those laughing and curious children's nuts.

The willing cooperation of all those people, as well as the incredible deployment of the home front, enables us to accomplish all these things.

Thanks for that !!



Name: Paeps Greet (Lecturer of the Independent Organization "Learn And Grow")

Resident: Swaziland

Previous life: I had my own barber shop in Berg-Kampenhout (Belgium) for 33 years

New life: Since March 2006 my brother, Marc Paeps and myself, have a small hotel in Swaziland.

In addition to the hotel's runnig (Mvubu Falls), I am also busy with: THE MDZANGWINI PROJECT

The project has been launched under the supervision of Unicef, which has established NCP (Neighborhood Care Point). It is located 6 km outside of Mbabane's capital, in beautiful surroundings with large rock formations.

Other sponsorship projects of recent years were

Schoemanskloof School:

This remote school was closed years ago because it was too small and out of the way for most children. The Ministry of Education also found it difficult to keep an eye on a remote school of this format but has now returned to the decision by the hard work of parents and the local community.

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Dit schooltje ligt op geen enkele schoolbus route en word alleen bezocht door (kansarme) kinderen die op loopafstand van het school wonen. De lokale bevolking heeft weinig andere opties en de hoogste opleidingsniveau is vergelijkbaar met 2de jaar middelbare school maar ligt over het algemeen veel lager. Door dit schooltje met 3 klaslokalen te ondersteunen krijgen kinderen vanaf 4 tot ca. 12 jaar een kans een goed begin te maken.

In overleg met de onderwijzers trachten wij te assisteren met dingen die het leven vooral voor de kinderen beter maakt. Hieronder zijn enkele foto’s van het schooltje en waar de kinderen rugzakjes in ontvangst nemen.

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This school is on no school bus route and is only visited by (disadvantaged) children who live within walking distance of the school. The locals have few other options and the highest level of education is comparable to 2nd year high school but generally is much lower. By supporting this school with 3 classrooms, children get from 4 to approx. 12 years a chance to start a good start.

In consultation with the teachers, we try to assist with things that make life better for the children. Below are some pictures of the school and where the children receive backpacks.

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antoher project was

Vezokuhlé Creative Textile Mosaics.

from 2007 -  beginning 2011

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For every traveler traveling to South Africa with a smile, the project of Vezokuhlé Creative Textile Mosaics is financed financially. In addition, some of our group trips have been visited for this project. Especially the art stream gives ample time and an additional financial contribution to this project. The pieces made are unique and therefore works of art.

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Due to a special relationship with this beautiful region and personal contacts with one of the founders of this project, Vezokuhlé means more than the average project for Lekkerbly. We therefore know that the small contributions and efforts on our side are well received and used.